benefits Our team based studio thrives on positive energy. We’re active and resourceful with no time for arrogance, no place for stuffiness. Within our productive design studio fun and professionalism are a way of life. Client contact is a consistent part of everyone’s agenda, and Principals keep their doors open so that you can always walk in and talk about what concerns or delights you.





Atlanta Culture Lab identifies companies in Atlanta that are focused on using workplace culture (people + place) to drive productivity. They profile companies implementing innovative workplace design and HR policies. ACL recognized VCave as one such company and produced this video short, “VeenendaalCave: Through the Portal” as a resource for metro-Atlanta companies looking for ways to build or harness a more robust culture.



VeenendaalCave: Through the Portal By Atlanta Culture Lab


“When you cross the threshold of “The Portal” into VeenendaalCave’s space, you get the sense that this is a place for high performers who take pride in everything they do. Their attention to detail and careful taste meets you at the door and remains throughout the space. The aesthetic is clean but striking. The layout is simple but very effective. VCave’s talent for creating effective environments is very evident, but this is no surprise if you have worked with them before.”


“People often judge a workplace environment solely by the aesthetic of the space. If it is not bold and full of dogs and ping-pong tables, surely the culture isn’t noteworthy! Wrong. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Just like open space plans are not conducive to all types of people, cultures are not one-size-fit-all.”


“VCave’s space augments their culture incredibly well by enhancing their team’s communication and providing convenient stations for the variety of work they do. The work culture at VCave is diligent, thoughtful, and detailed. They are organized, high performing creatives with more than just an eye for spaces. VCave operates in close-knit teams who function as their own mini-firms within the office. Members of the 6- to 8-person teams are encouraged to voice their opinions and take ownership. Solid onboarding and training lead to autonomy and opportunities, as well as strong bonds amongst the 80+ professionals who all have the ability and willingness to support one another when need be.”


“Take a look at our journey Through the Portal.”